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    Terms and Conditions

    Health Guarantee: Our puppies are guaranteed for one year, for any genetic health issues that may occur which are life threatening.

    Spay/Neuter: All of our puppies are under a spay/neuter contract and must be spayed/neutered no earlier or later than 8-12 months of age. Upon receipt of the spay/neuter his/her akc pet papers will be released via email.

    Lifetime Commitment: Our puppies safety and happiness is our number one priority. Puppies are a lifetime commitment, in the event that you can no longer care for your puppy or if a life event occurs that you can longer keep them we ask that you send him/her back to us. This insures that either we give them an excellent home ourselves or find a home that is suitable for him/her so they can live out the rest of of their days in the best home possible.

    Follow Up and Development: We ask that any questions or concerns regarding your puppy as they grow into adulthood be brought directly back to us so that we can assist you through development. We offer lifetime support to you and your family because we want to be sure every new family has every resource available for their new fur family member. We also welcome and encourage picture updates at your leisure.

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